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With the pelvic fin and
this piece completed, I
could attach everything
so far to the display rod.
Piscatore', Denizen of the Deep!
Last items to assemble and attach,
the stone tail fins. I cut more
copper wire sections and flattened
and pre-drilled one end.
Starting with the bottom
fin, I measured how long
the copper needed to
be at the first bend.
I made a mark on the wire
where it was to be bent and
held it just below that point.
Carefully I turned the wire into the
hole.  To insure a snug fit, I had
already lined the inside of the hole
with a small piece of black tubing.
Once through, I bent it into
place and cut off the excess.
Then I twisted it down
slightly so I could hammer
and drill the other end
with the stone safely out
of the way.
This bottom piece required two
connectors as it was not going to
be attached to the brass base
created for the others.
All of the tail fins were assembled in the same way, and none of them
broke. Whew!
And one by one, starting at
the top, I attached them with
small brass wood screws.
Each one had to be fitted
individually into place paying
close attention to the spacing.
Each one marked for drilling, each one screwed in place.
Five...and at last.....
Piscatore' ..........Fini!