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I made some pieces for the back of the eye from flattened, textured copper tubing and steel wire.
Also made attaching extensions for the bone fins from copper tubing.
Moving down to the "internal
organs" area, I cut the handles off
of 2 old serving spoons.
Out of flat brass stock I formed 8
( two sides, remember? ) small
clamps to hold the glass in place.
Each one of the clamps was
held in place by a very small
brass bolt.
Glass securely clamped in, it
is ready to attach to the main
On the underside I mark where
the holes are to be drilled.
Drill the two holes and attach  
the piece through a hole
drilled in the "spoon" where
the handle was.
More spoons, this time
keeping the handle and
trimming down the bowl part.
My apologies, another non
visual leap to the second set of
spoons in their finished look.
They were hammered, bent and
filed to make a fit over the
glass pieces. I drilled a series
of holes in the well of the
spoon to attach them. Overkill
with the holes, but the brass
screws just look so appealing
around the edge.
Marked where to drill.                             And drilled.
Just above where this piece
attached, I finished off the
copper edging on the leather
with a brass piece that was an
off cut from the eye decor. No
such thing as a discard!
I was not happy with a piece I
had made earlier to attach the
bone pelvic fin, so I made a new
one with more free form folds in
it, less rigid looking. This will be
attached through the display
bar and into the wood body.
Hammered heavy copper wire
and modified eyelets. The
beginning of those menacing
dorsal spikes!
I set the eyelets on with a
drop of glue so they did not
come off during
Being readied for attachment.
I began with the head spike that
had a small loop on the front, to
maybe incorporate add ons later.
The rest of the spikes will be
inserted in  holes drilled through
the leather and wood.
To get the spacing correct
on the leather, I started from
one single spike on the rear.
Top view, spikes were
literally hammered into place.
Slowly moving forward.
And all attached. I bent them
back with a slight curve.
Sketch for the next piece underneath. The wedge shaped piece I
cut from a slice of burl and front round section was 2 brass door
pulls fitted onto a short section of wooden dowel. This piece, like
the pelvic fin, would be attached to the main body through the
display bar and secured with a length of copper band.
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I did some heavy, rough
texturing on them and checked
the glass discs for fit.
On the back of the discs, I
engraved the symbols for
physical body and spirit.