Teresa Reaver
Gallery 5
Pisces Piscatore'
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                        Tuba Man
Special commission piece courtesy of owner.
Tuba man, detail.
 Untitled. Skull Time Machine

Artificial skull that rotates upward
by a hand crank on the back of the
piece. The top opens to reveal a
Mayan calendar disk with movable
hands for setting the time travel
aspect. Caution! In order to function
properly, the operator must be able
to read ancient Mayan fluently and
have a working understanding of
ancient star systems. Otherwise,
there is no way of predicting the
time path the skull will take. Various
compartments contain documents
from some of the previous travels
of the machine and may or may not
reflect the actual outcome of the
future from your present. Any and
all alterations will affect this delicate
balance of the time continuum.
Images courtesy of owner