My work is centered on
transformational and
relational processes.  The
pieces are about the
common forms of
structural shape derived  
from nature, enhanced and
altered to reveal a universe
of rich symbolic  meaning.
I hope that the viewer
will be drawn into a
deeper level of
involvement and  
awareness as I was
during the process. I
want each piece to
stand as a  believable
object revealing
something of its roots
in time and place
while  allowing the
viewer to recognize
something beautiful or
mysterious and  then
to participate and
interact with it's
motion and intuition.
Hexahedron II : Lambert's Cube
( courtesy of owner )

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Teresa Reaver
The Absolute Beauty of Structure
Hexahedron III: Menger Sponge
( courtesy of owner )
Hexahedron I: I Ching
( courtesy of owner )
Hexahedron IV: Expansion
( courtesy of owner )
Shell From a Parallel Beach.
Shell From a Parallel Beach II
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